Dr.G.Geetha had her vision of Arsha Ayurvedic ever since she started her career as Assistant Professor in the Government Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram 35 years ago. Her impeccable healing skills coupled with compassion made her a public favourite in no time.

She converted medical teaching into art which made her a favourite among the academic colleagues as well. Since my childhood, she used to share with me the possibilities of an independent treatment centre.  A centre devoted to its ancient art of healing, whereby a Whole New Dimension is opened towards each individual patient.

Later that dream and vision blossomed as Arsha Ayurvedic…..

Established in 2010 under Dr.Geetha’s guidance , Arsha Ayurvedic evolved as one of the most pioneer institute for Ayurvedic treatments in India. Our patient-base grew both locally and across the globe, spurred on by the real testimonials from each patient – just by word of mouth.

We have successfully treated patients for the past decade while maintaining a healthy physician-patient relationship.