Experiencing menstrual bleeding continuously for 8 months could not find a cure, I came to treatment in Arsha Ayurvedic to receive treatment from Dr.Ganesh. He takes every patient’s case with 100% commitment (even over the weekend) and within 1 month with his treatment, plan my bleeding stopped.  I was very happy it was cured.
The team behind the hospital are as committed as Doctor Ganesh.

Mdm. Amudha


Dr. Ganesh is a great doctor! He is very understanding and listens to your concerns. He takes time with patients to help them with their health issues and takes his time to explain my condition with me as well as my treatment options. All of the staff was great they were helpful, patience and helped me. I had a great visit and the doctor’s demeanor has really put me at ease so I highly recommend Arsha Ayurvedic Clinic.

Mr. Nitesh Yaddula


Clean and neat place. Dr Ganesh and his staffs takes extreme care of the patients each and every patient is given personal attention and treatment is the best a non- commercial place. Each patient feels at home in this place and the food so good, patients does not miss their home food. Kudos to Dr Ganesh and his wonderful staffs.

Mdm. Sheela Nair


I got cured completely of the problems associated with severe back pain and frozen shoulders through the treatment at Arsha ayurvedic hospital recently.
Dr.Ganesh and his team are truly professional in their approach. Quality of service is commendable and I would like to recommend this hospital for healthy recovery.

Mr. Praveen Kumar


8 years of skin condition could not cure nor stop the itchness, it was healed in just 5 days. I feel Doc Ganesh has miracle healing hands

Mrs. Guna


In 2008, I had a serious medical issue, nerves which did not allow me to move. I was cured in 28 days by Doctor Geetha.
In 2023, due to my work, I had the same indication this time was a little more severe. I sincerely felt time was ticking for the worst. Doctor Ganesh gave me a 2nd life. I am truly grateful and owe it to both mother and son for their commitment and specific treatment plan, medication –  100% focus on me. I feel the same on what I experienced then, and with Doctor Ganesh now. It's a miracle for me.

Ms. Maala


Wonderful experience, though it was last minute arrangements from my end but Doctor Ganesh, made it as smooth as possible. The entire stay and treatment received was pleasant.  All the staff, everyone one in Arsha are very warm and supportive. If there is something that needs to be improved from the 4 pillars at Arsha then it would be myself. Thank you and really appreciate it. 

Ganesh Kumar


It was an amazing treatment experience with Arsha Ayurvedic Hospital. Highly recommended place for the best treatment. Dr.Ganesh has an excellent team that provides outstanding patient care. A homely environment with approachable staff. Really affordable. Thank you so much to each and everyone.


United Kingdom

Dr.Ganesh is a dedicated, thoughtful and compassionate doctor who goes the extra mile for all his patients to ensure they receive appropriate and timely treatment. He has an amazing team of staff that gave me personalized care and made me feel as comfortable as possible. I return home feeling refreshed and more energetic. Thank you Dr.Ganesh and may you continue the good work that you do . God Bless! 



My experience in Arsha Hospital exceeded all expectations. The doctors were extremely tentative and supportive throughout the treatment. The residential doctors provided special care and attention to all health issues. All staff deserve special appreciation for their dedicated services. From the therapist, cook, cleaners all helped me to make my treatment duration pleasant. Excellent Ayurvedic Centre in the city, the atmosphere was homely and food served was delicious and healthy. I highly recommend this hospital for anyone seeking qualified care. 

Shylaja Kumari


Excellent treatment, food and laundry services and the team. I almost got cured completely from the problem of shoulder, neck pain. Moreover, all my needs were taken care of by the staff. I would recommend it to others. 



 The experience is good and the treatment and care is also appreciable. The patients experience a homely feeling here and unnecessary medicines are prescribed, compared to other places. Keep up the good work. 

Greeshma R Nair


I’m glad to share that I had an outstanding experience at this hospital. I have been suffering from joint pain and swelling for the last 2 years due to rheumatologic issues, that is why I came here for the treatment. I am feeling much better now after these 19 days of treatment. I’m an Ayurvedic doctor and I have already heard good reviews about this hospital, my friends suggested this hospital for my treatment.

Dr.Urmila Mohan


I have had immense back pain and it was actually affecting my quality of life both mentally and physically. After taking the treatment from Arsha, I was completely fine and pain free. Dr.Ganesh and his team are highly efficient and confident about their work. I can say it is the best ayurvedic hospital in Trivandrum. 

Reeja Richard